My mice do not work in usb3 sockets

  ened 08 Mar 13

I have just built a new machine which has two usb3 sockets on the front. Rather than mess about at the back I plugged a mouse into one of these when I first turned the machine on.

I installed windows and the mouse developed a mind of it's own. I tried a Logitech mouse and it was even worse.

I plugged a mouse into the usb2 at the back and it worked fine. I might add there is nothing wrong with either mouse as Ihave tested them on this machine.

I thought usb3 was meant to be backwards compatible. It doesn't appear to be in this case

  difarn 08 Mar 13

Does anything work in the usb3 sockets? Have you installed the driver for the usb3 controller?

  ened 08 Mar 13

The mouse is recognised by the socket because when I move it the cursor moves; it just doesn't go where I want it to.

I must confess I didn't know I needed to install the 'driver for the usb3 controller'.

That will probably make a difference.

  difarn 09 Mar 13

It could be that usb3 is interfering with the wifi device on the mouse. You could try a short usb extension for the mouse receiver to see if that helps.

  ened 10 Mar 13

Thanks difarn Everything is okay now. I failed to realise usb3 needed drivers.

What didn't help was that I have had a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 for six months and it doesn't work properly. I had thought it was the set up in my old machine but it behaves the same way in the new one so it is going back to Amazon.

Other mice are now working fine and I have not put their individual drivers in yet.

  difarn 10 Mar 13

Glad you have resolved the situation. It may be that the receiver of the wireless mouse is sensitive to interference and would work if you did have a short usb extension - I have had a mouse that preferred to work like this.

  spuds 10 Mar 13

Another point worthy of consideration, is that the front USB sockets are not direct from the board, but via cable, which might give a lower 'power' indication to the device being used. That is why,when using USB hubs, it might be better to use a 'power hub' and not just the manual type.


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