My messages appeared suddenly in the Recycle Bin!

  TOPCAT® 21:43 17 Feb 07

Using WinXp SP2 Home with all updates. Here's a bit of a poser for you wizards - I've just fired up the computer, checked for messages and clicked back to desktop. Up pops a window that tells me "Windows can compact all your messages" - yes or no options. I clicked yes and away it went.

Noticing after that I had items in the Recycle Bin, I looked in and found copies of all the messages, Inbox, Outbox etc., from OE6 in there, and all had been given .BAK extensions. The original messages are, thankfully, still accessible in their original folders and are .DBX files as normal.

Any ideas on this one, guys, as I am at a loss to know what's happened here. TC.

  brundle 21:49 17 Feb 07

It's due to a recent MS update; click here

A backup of the dbx file is made during compaction and sent to the recycle bin once compaction has been successful.

  TOPCAT® 21:57 17 Feb 07

It had me stumped on what the culprit could be but never imagined it could be a MS update.

Thanks for the quick response. TC.

  brundle 22:01 17 Feb 07

No prob, someone else with a compaction question of the same nature a few weeks back lead me to the KnowledgeBase entry.

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