My Laptop and Spyware

  sweetzombie 17:51 14 May 06

My Laptop has become infected with spyware after using a wirelss connection...ill have proper spyware stuff when i log on i cant acess applications or the start button or anything...i just get my background though i can get up windows task manager...i have a dell computer by the there any way u guys think i could system restore without the 'start' button?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:00 14 May 06

Can you boot into safe-mode?

Press F8 at boot up till you get a menu and then choose safe mode. From there you should have the option to use System Restore.

Not sure why you got the spyware via wireless - it should be secure...

  skidzy 18:01 14 May 06

Have you tried in safe mode ?..tapping f8 on start up will normally get you into safe mode

  skidzy 18:01 14 May 06

Sorry Dio,you beat me to it Lol

  sweetzombie 20:30 14 May 06

Can i just ask...what is safe mode? I havent got much computer knowledge.

  SG Atlantis® 20:34 14 May 06

safe mode is a diagnostic mode with minimal processes and generic drivers running.

  sweetzombie 20:41 14 May 06

so how step by step can i get from their to restoring my computer to the original condition in which it was sent to me by Dell?

  woodchip 20:42 14 May 06

When you keep taping F8 it brings a list up, neer the top of the list choose start in safe mode. Come back if it works. This is alimited startup, less drivers are loaded

  sweetzombie 21:00 14 May 06

it worked now what should i do?

  sweetzombie 21:03 14 May 06

how should i go about system restore..step by step if possible?

  woodchip 21:04 14 May 06

If you have a AV program can you run it?

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