my laptop has unexpected powercuts

  orianabambi 16:24 20 Mar 06

at least once a day my laptop has what all i can call a random powercut. whilst its in use it just cuts off completely as though someone has cut the power. it doesnt't go through any form of shut down protocal and there are no scans or instalations going on that would need my machine to restart. when turned back in it is as though nothing ever happened.
there is not set time as to when it cuts out so it is very unexpected.
on other occasions it also makes a beeping noise. the same noise it makes when a CD is inserted into the drive. but there is never actually a CD in the machine. the beep is normally followed by crackling and buzzing sounds and a program will normally crash.
can anyone tell me what is wrong with my machine as i am completely stumped.

  Jackcoms 16:40 20 Mar 06

Does this happen when running on mains or battery?

  orianabambi 16:42 20 Mar 06

while running on battery.

  Jackcoms 16:46 20 Mar 06

Is the battery perhaps approaching the end of its useful life?

Does it charge fully when running the laptop on mains? Does it discharge quickly?

  orianabambi 16:52 20 Mar 06

yes the battery discharges really quickly

  Jackcoms 16:53 20 Mar 06

Time to buy a new one. :-((

  orianabambi 16:53 20 Mar 06

the battery always has to be plugged into the mains because of it

  orianabambi 16:54 20 Mar 06

what about the rather worrying noises it makes.
crackling and beeping?

  Jackcoms 16:59 20 Mar 06

How many more questions?

I think my post of 16:53 answered your initial enquiry.

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