my keyboard....

  HarryMills 18:37 21 Sep 07

on my keyboard when i type the number zero it doesnt work, I have used a program to find out if the key is typing anything at all and it is actualy another insert key for some reason, does anyone know why this is doing this i realy need to be able to use the zero key?

many thanks

  v1asco 18:43 21 Sep 07

if it is the numeric keypad is num lock on? ins is the alternative when it is off

  HarryMills 18:52 21 Sep 07

nope num lock is not on..... what am i going to do?

  HarryMills 19:05 21 Sep 07

any help please.... i realy need the number

  Clapton is God 19:13 21 Sep 07

"nope num lock is not on..... what am i going to do?"

Er, switch Num Lock on.

  HarryMills 19:14 21 Sep 07

ok when it is on and i press zero this comes up *


  Clapton is God 19:16 21 Sep 07

Is your keyboard set to English (UK) as opposed to English (USA)?

  HarryMills 19:18 21 Sep 07

yes I made sure about that, i am realy annoyed...... if this helps you any better I am using a laptop. all your help is so appreciated, do you have any othe rideas on hwo to fix it?

  HarryMills 19:29 21 Sep 07

please.... im begging you

  brundle 19:30 21 Sep 07

Do you have an Fn key? Press that and the */0 key

  Technotiger 19:32 21 Sep 07

What make/model is your laptop?

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