my kazaa won't open

  Andy-2004 23:15 01 Jan 04

when i click the icon for kmd the programme just appears to be loading and the cursor changes to the 1 with a pointer and a timer. no mater how long you wait. it wont stop "loading"(and slowing the system) untill i restart. any advice?

  exhumed 23:21 01 Jan 04

get rid of kaaza

  Andy-2004 23:23 01 Jan 04

then how do u propose i get music and video files

  VoG II 23:23 01 Jan 04

Kazaa is probably the cause of your spyware problems and I suspect the reason why you have posted multiole threads about formatting under Windows XP, As exhumed said, ditch it. click here

  VoG II 23:24 01 Jan 04

"then how do u propose i get music and video files"

By paying for them and not illegally downloading copyright material.

  Andy-2004 23:27 01 Jan 04

the reason i want to reformat earlier was not because of stuff from kazaa it was because of general spyware. but since then i have been informed about hijackthis and have got spy bot search and destroy. so no i am quite certain i do not want to reformat because i have got rid of all the crap.

  Andy-2004 23:30 01 Jan 04

u know wot u r right.i will uninstall it.

  sdf 23:31 01 Jan 04

which version of kazaa you use? standard or lite?

  Andy-2004 23:31 01 Jan 04

standard 6 point somfin

  Andy-2004 23:39 01 Jan 04


  sdf 23:44 01 Jan 04

kazaa standard edition is spyware in itself. kazaa lite is a modified version that removes (as far as anyone knows) the spyware. but remember - downloading copyrighted material is illegal. although to draw an inaligy (excuse spelling) like the american gun arguement, its not the guns who kill people, its the people.

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