My internet is slow how can I speed it up?

  Internetwhizzkid 23:44 24 Feb 07

My internet has started to become very slow and downloads are slow as well, considerings its a 6Mb wireless connection. Before anyone might ask I have no viruses spyware or popups so no worries there.

But because it is slow does anyone know of any suggestions that might optimize and speed it up a bit.

For example downloads rang between 20 to 60 kbps thats on a 6MB connection


As it is wireless (I presume you mean wireless to a router) then are you getting a good signal? Try it closer to the router if not.

Have you set a network key to stop strangers connecting to it and using up your bandwidth?

Finally, run a speed test click here and see what you get. Downloading files is a 2 way process. If the server you are downloading from is overloaded then you will only receive a slow download no matter how fast your actual connection is.

  Dipso 23:51 24 Feb 07

Which ISP?

Take this test click here and post back with the results.

  Internetwhizzkid 23:59 24 Feb 07

I am on wanadoo wireless and talk ( or orange as it is now called)

My results are

345 kbps download 165 kbps

this is according to the dublin server at click here

Are you the only one connected to your network?

If you are sure that nothing else is using up your bandwidth then perhaps a call to Wanadoo is in order. I would also double check your speed on the speed test I posted. I've tried it several times throughout the day and had consistent readings of 20-25 meg so it should have no trouble coping with your connection.

  Internetwhizzkid 00:06 25 Feb 07

there is 1 more computer connected ( the main one that is needed for router to work) But thats it and the main one isnt doing nothing at the moment is connected but idle

  Dipso 00:25 25 Feb 07

You don't need to have a PC on for the router to work?

Orange/Wanadoo/Freeserve whatever you want to call them don't have a good rep currently click here# I think they are suffering from over capacity issues.

Are you tied into a contract with them?

  Internetwhizzkid 00:28 25 Feb 07


yes I think we are, sadly I am only 15 so I cant do nothing about it Mum pays the Bill lol


  wee eddie 08:22 25 Feb 07

You may have covered yourself with Up-yo-date AV, Firewall, and Spy-ware, but is the other PC in the system equally well protected?

  Internetwhizzkid 09:43 25 Feb 07

No lol
was seriously infected with spyware and viruses

650 spywares according to spyware doctor

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