My Internet Explorer has bn hacked by Pticon & Pti

  Spiresgate 16:09 14 Dec 10

When I use Internet Explorer, it says in the title window 'Hacked by Pticon & Pticon3'. I have googled this and the only hits appear to be in french. I have used the Google translator and followed some instructions on how to get rid of it, but all failed. It doesn't seem to be doing any harm but nevertheless I would like to get rid of it and any action it may be carryiong out. I searched this site for pticon but found nothing.

I'd appreciate any comments.

  GaT7 17:01 14 Dec 10

Sorry, I can't offer you any direct help for the problem, but I'd strongly recommend asking for diagnostic/removal help at a dedicated malware-removal English-language forum like click here. Instructions before posting at click here.

More malware-removal related forums at click here (see left column), so you can choose any other one you fancy. All the best with it. G

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