My HDD L.E.D light wont go off

  -=}{aZaRd=- 21:17 20 Jan 03
  -=}{aZaRd=- 21:17 20 Jan 03

hi can anyone help?
i am running windowsXP Home Edition and the HDD light (usually near the power light)wont go off, it is constantly on, just like the power light.


  Elrond 21:20 20 Jan 03

Is your system acting slow. There may be something running that i constantly accessing the HDD. ctrl+alt+del and check the processes to see if anything is using alot of the CPU

  Djohn 21:21 20 Jan 03

Is the H/drive showing signs of activity, or is it just the light staying on?

  -=}{aZaRd=- 21:25 20 Jan 03

no, no programs are running and there is only 2% CPU being used so its just the light playing up????

  VoG™ 21:34 20 Jan 03

Has this always happened or is it a new problem? If so have you added/removed any software or hardware? Can you hear the HDD working or is it really just the light?

  -=}{aZaRd=- 21:41 20 Jan 03

ever since i added an extra CD drive to my computer, the light just stays on but there is no HDD activity

  Djohn 21:44 20 Jan 03

That's the problem, VoG™ will sort it for you!

  VoG™ 21:55 20 Jan 03

Check that the cable is the right way round.

  -=}{aZaRd=- 19:05 21 Jan 03

but which end? the one going into the CD or the motherboard?

  -=}{aZaRd=- 19:06 21 Jan 03

oh never mind that last one - my mind went blank sorry

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