My HD has a mind !

  derekmiles 07:08 08 Oct 10

A mind of its own in fact.
I switch off like everyone does and the PC closes down completely.
I come back to it either later in the day or first thing in the morning and the PC is all off except the HD and that's just spinning away.(It starts up on its own).
My setting is "Never" and I have no screen saver.
Please assist.

Self Built Hi end. MB ASUS M2V XP Pro.

Best wishes.

  Diemmess 09:54 08 Oct 10

A PSU is live even when the PC is shut down.
A low volt circuit usually brings everything alive once the front panel switch is pressed.

There are usually several alternative power leads from the PSU and these may be bunched into bundles.
Have you tried swopping the power lead to the HDD with a spare from a different "bunch?"

Might be a good plan always to switch off at the wall until the mystery has been solved.

  woodchip 10:16 08 Oct 10

This could be down to your Motherboard Design, also check BIOS settings for Hard Drive Configuration

  derekmiles 12:18 08 Oct 10

Thank you both Woodchip and Diemmess.
I will do as you advise and keep you posted.
I have to add that this has happened 'out of the blue' since I built PC about three years ago ???

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