my hard drive is full, how do I get rid of program

  erkmatrix 08:52 20 Jul 06

Hi I heard some time, but forgot its name, probably a few of them around, I want to be able to see exactly whats using up the space so I can get rid of the programs that I do use of need.

Can anyone help.


  Shortstop 09:04 20 Jul 06

Personally, I use Easycleaner [ click here ] this is freeware, but will work if you do not want to pay a subscription.

It's also a good registry cleaner/duplicate file cleaner/etc. as well as a pie chart so you can see what is taking up space on your drive or in folders.



  keef66 09:09 20 Jul 06

Click on start / settings / control panel, and double click on Add / Remove programs. It will list all your installed programmes and how much space each takes up. Move to the program you wish to remove and click on the add / remove button.

Robert's your relative!

  Diemmess 10:03 20 Jul 06

You say your HD is becoming full. Applications are best removed the way keef66 says.

An excellent free cleaner of rubbish is CClean
To download click here and click at the bottom left of the first screen.

You can configure this to do some fairly dramatic things, but it is very safe and effective using just the default settings.

  ed-0 10:22 20 Jul 06

Also consider how much space, system restore, is using off your hard drive. Thats assuming you use XP.

By default it uses 12% of your hard drive. So a 80Gb hard drive could loose 9.6Gb to system restore. When around 1Gb or less is usually fine. It also takes the same amount if your hard drive is partitioned. So each partitioned drive will be allocated 12%.

To check. Right click my computer > properties > system restore > highlight the drive > then settings. Use the slider to free up hard drive space.

  Bagsey 11:28 20 Jul 06

I would start of as Diemmess says, using CCleaner. It is free. I have just gone through a similar exercise on my wifes Laptop and CCleaner found 1.5gig of temp files etc. All of which I could happily remove. Once you have done that then start on looking at System Restore settings as per ed-0. After which look at the programs installed and get rid of stuff you never use. Then when all is done DEFRAG your hard disk to sort out all of the file storage into one coniguous chunk. This will make your computer faster. Good luck.

  erkmatrix 22:35 21 Jul 06

Cheers Guys, I've now got 30 gig back which will be better for a while, thanks again.


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