Is my hard drive dead?

  Fatboy 415 08:57 04 May 03

A 60GB hard drive was fitted into a Windows 98 machine in August 2002 and recently has been performing very erratically. The problems range from booting up then freezing, booting then taking up to 10 minutes to perform a single function or not booting at all. Deciding to bite the bullet in case a virus had got hold the hard drive was wiped to start again.

In the last 5 days I have tried on 2 different machines a low level format, run FDISK followed by FORMAT C:/S all without success. I feel as if I seen every possible DOS error message relating to hard drives. The latest error message when performing the FORMAT C:/S command is “trying to recover allocation unit XXX”. So far it has taken approximately 20 hours to progress from unit 249,690 to 252,991.

I am coming to the conclusion that the hard drive has died but would appreciate any advice from readers who have had similar problems and cured the problem or can confirm that the hard drive is dead.

Also as the unit is less than a year old it is still within warranty. It was purchased from Ebuyer whom I am very happy with from the sales side of the company but have yet to experience returning fault items. I am dreading the merry-go-round of it’s not our fault it’s the computer etc. So again any advice would be greatly appreciated from readers who have successfully returned hard drives for replacing.

Thanking you all in advance.


  powerless 09:01 04 May 03

Go to the manufactures website of your hard drive, they have utilities that will tell you if the drive is dead.

It sounds like it.

You can try scandisk using the 98 boot disc.

  Fatboy 415 09:09 04 May 03

I forgot to mention I have tried Scandisk many times, again with many different error messages which were suposedly fixed.

The drive is an OEM unit but there is a serial number that I will use to track down.

Thank you

  bobbyc 09:15 04 May 03

with 60gig with two. to cut a long story short
1 faulty 2 seamed to go the same way.had a new ide cable that was at fault .lead me on a merry dance for days.dont know if you have tryed it but from now on i swap ide leads first.
hope this helps

  bobbyc 09:32 04 May 03

to mention i was doing the same as you taking the hdd out and trying it on another pc. with no joy. so i put the hdd out of my sisters pc into mine it booted a few times then done the same it knackerd her hdd .cost me £3.50 for a new ide and a lot more for 2 hdd's

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