is my hard drive dead???

  knotty718 20:54 05 Feb 06

hi there, i have a problem with my parents pc.
they told me that when they tried switching it on, there was nothing, so after i looked, i replaced the old 230w psu with a 300w psu.
we now have power, but the pc fails to boot up, as if the hard drive is dead. the h/d led is on all of the time even if no power connector is removed, just to leave the ribbon cable attached.the monitor led just flashes. there is no noise or attempt to do anything from the h/d. i quickly checked all the usual stuff, e.g seating of cards and cables etc, but to no avail.
Any ideas???
m/board???? h/d????
Any help is appreciated.

  wobblymike 21:19 05 Feb 06

Disconnect everything except cpu, graphics card and memory and switch on - does it boot the monitor if not - try replacing RAM, then if graphics on board try a plug in card pci will do to test, if still no joy down to mobo or cpu.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:20 05 Feb 06

With Ide cables removed from HDD will it boot to "No operating system found " message on monitor?

  knotty718 21:25 05 Feb 06

hiya, i tried booting it quickly with only the basics u said wobblymike, the monitor led changed from orange to a flashing green, but there was nothing on the screen.

i admit i didnt take the ide cable out, as it didnt spin or make any noise what so ever.

  wobblymike 21:34 05 Feb 06

try reseating your RAM modules before you do anything else

  knotty718 21:35 05 Feb 06

mike, i tried reseating everything on m/b, but it made no difference.

  woodchip 21:37 05 Feb 06

I would say the PSU as blown the MOBO

  wobblymike 21:39 05 Feb 06

doesn't sound too good does it - if you have tried booting from bare minimum with no joy it looks like you may have either a dead mobo or a dead cpu - been there myself. Before you go down this toad it would be well worth borrowing a stick of RAM just tp satisfy youraself that your ram module is ok ditto with a different driver for your graphics what do you currently have onboard or agp?

  knotty718 21:40 05 Feb 06

i know its a horrible thought woodchip, but it had crossed my mind.

  Zeppelyn 21:42 05 Feb 06


Was machine in everyday or occasional use ?
Was it working perfectly prior to power problem ?
What motherboard and cpu ?
Do you have spare hard disk to try ?

  knotty718 21:42 05 Feb 06

its a agp graphics card,(think its a gforce 256 annilator pro. excuse spelling, i know it old, but its always been ok till now.) it just seems weird that the h/d seems completely dead, no noise no spinning etc.

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