my graphics card is a bottle neck - Help..

  Not a Scooby 15:54 15 Jul 04

OK.. I run a P4 3.06GB on an 533FSB with 512MB DDR memory. I don't think this is too bad, and while I can play most games OK, mostly at mid range resolutions I think my FX5200 is probably the black sheep of the system...

Using the 3DMark tool it only scored about 1080.. which is rubbish...

I think a new grpahics card is in order and should help sort this. I don't really want to spend much over £150, but looking on Dabs and other sites there's loads about and now I'm not sure what should be the best to look for at this price... 9800Pro or 5900XT etc.. is 256mb better than a slightly higher model number, or go for the higher model and keep with 128mb..

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Anyone disagree it's the card that has to go...?


  pete-290318 16:30 15 Jul 04

I've asked this question a couple of months ago but got no response.
I dont know whether to go with a better manufacturer with 128 or go for a cheaper 256 model.
hope you get some answers

The 9800 Pro is a great card that is really very cheap now. I only have a 9600 but think the 9800 pro is best value high performance card right now, will tackle all current games and Doom 3 etc with ease.

  citadel 22:30 15 Jul 04

As you have an nvidia card installed it may be best to get another one, the fx5900xt is in your price range and will give a big improvement.

  vinnyT 13:03 16 Jul 04

I just got an msi fx5900xt, got to say it's excellent (my old card was about 5yrs old), I got this card because it is a very good overclocker, only takes up the agp slot (ie you can still use the pci slot next door) and has a quiet fan.

  rickimalone 13:33 16 Jul 04

Yes the FX 5900XT can produce scores in 3DMark03 of 5500 so its only just behind the 9800PRO with an average score of 5500-5800 so either one is fine, and at great prices!!!

  Not a Scooby 14:41 16 Jul 04

Thanks everyone for that.... I keep reading the Pro is slightly better but there's so little in it I think I'll keep with the FX....


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