My friends OE problem : opening full screen?

  mesmd 06:07 11 Feb 08

Hi you guys,
I hope you are all well and doing great.
A friend of mine who uses outlook express, which I do not, is asking me to help her with the following problem:

" Every time I open my e-mail, each address I only gets one third of the screen. When I click for full screen in my tool bar, it doesn't hold."

"I forgot which I go into? It is the tool, option, then what>\?"

Thank you for any help that I can pass on to her.
I never use OE and I wonder if it's the dragging down of the top message line to occupy the whole or larger part of the screen like in other E-Mail programs, or it has some other setting under tools then options then a certain setting to click?

Thanks again for any help.



  wotbus@ 08:51 11 Feb 08

I don't use it either and you don't say which OS she is using, but you could try dragging the small display to the top left of the monitor (click and hold the title bar and drag) - then click and drag the bottom right of the small display down to the bottom right of the monitor. If the OS is set up to "remember" the last display it may work.

  wotbus@ 08:54 11 Feb 08

PS: You could also try d/l this - it works great on my wife's PC:
click here

  mesmd 09:02 11 Feb 08


Thanks so much. The problem was corrected by my letter to her to do the dragging of the upper message line downward to open her message area maximally, and that resolved her problem. Just as you have answered, however, I was guessing and wrote you guys in case it did not work.

Thanks so much again; you guys are so good and quick.

Your description is better than what I told her to do but it worked out the same. She Runs Win XP Home with Cox Cable using O.E.


  mesmd 09:08 11 Feb 08


I Forgot to thank you also for the link for IE window maximizer. I sent her that also.


  wotbus@ 09:20 11 Feb 08


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