Is my Free AVG working all the time?

  Zebrapec 13:42 12 Feb 05

When I download my e-mail the AVG symbol rotates, but when I am on the web it does not move.
I would like to know, please, if it is working in the background or do I have to set somthing up?

  Paul M 13:47 12 Feb 05

Click on the AVG logo to get the control centre window on screen and check here that all facilities are functional

  Stuartli 14:11 12 Feb 05

The control panel mentioned by Paul M should have each panel coloured blue to indicate that they are funtional; if red you need to configure them or use the updates feature as required.

The symbol only rotates when sending/downloading e-mails.

  sattman 14:20 12 Feb 05

Am I correct in thinking that AVG has to display in your system tray to be monitoring your connection.

  Stuartli 14:26 12 Feb 05


  sattman 14:42 12 Feb 05

Stuartli, I ask the question because of a problem and the answer I got from the AVG Forum.

This is more confusing, as when I installed AVG it showed in the tray on install and appeared to work ok ie it monitored the system and collected updates. However as soon as I rebooted it did not come up in the tray nor did it now show as active in cntr alt Del. I was sure that it was not active, ie it was not protecting, but I had no way of finding out for sure.
AVG forum moderators give two conflicting answers one said it was working ok other said it was working if not in tray.

  Stuartli 14:56 12 Feb 05

Apart from the Notification icon, you can also/may have configured AVG to be available from a Desktop and/or Start>Programs shortcut.

Can't remember now in the case of AVG, but usually when you install a program you are given the choice of whether you require Notification area, Start and Desktop shortcut(s)?

Like me you may have chosen all three; the Notification icon, when right clicked, provides several choice of action. If you choose to Exit you are asked if you really want to close the Control Center down?

  sattman 16:24 12 Feb 05

Stuartli, many thanks for your explanation

  Zebrapec 16:54 12 Feb 05

The reason I asked the question, is why do they provide a 'Launch AVG Test Center' to scan the computer, when it should be, I hope, scanning all the time. In other words why should you manually scan your computer?

  fuzzyone 16:59 12 Feb 05


as long as avg is running, it is protecting your p.c.

  Stuartli 09:24 13 Feb 05

Because it provides you with a choice of what sections you wish to have scanned or, alternatively, to check for updates.

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