my folders with a squiggle

  gengiscant 18:41 02 Dec 09

I have between 1 and 4 PC networked in my house and no problems accessing any.
No my problem is if I should go into 1 from another as I am doing now by copying my music to my new windows 7 build .
I click on the PC I need to access and find I have the original my music folder or my documents, but there will be others with the same titles but with a horizontal squiggle (non technical term ) followed by a number. I used to just delete the extras from wherever I was accessing but with Windows 7 right click/delete is not an option.

Why do the folders multiply and how do I stop it.


  grey george 21:00 02 Dec 09

Are the folders permanent or do they go away once you have finished your network access? Windows used to create working copies of files when you were using them these were a bit opaque and disappeared once you closed an application down. I think these might be temporarily created network sharing files.

  lotvic 00:16 03 Dec 09

do you mean the temporary autosave files that are created when you open a doc?
~ means that it is a temporary file click here numbers are added at random to identify the files saved at different times/stages.

  woodchip 00:19 03 Dec 09

Do you mean ~ this is used when long file names not supported normally

  woodchip 00:20 03 Dec 09

Do you mean ~ this is used when long file names not supported normally used in DOS

  octal 06:14 03 Dec 09

It's called a tilde. That's my bit of useless information for the day.

  gengiscant 08:27 03 Dec 09

So that is what it is called, OK if I go to my network places it lists the PC's I can connect to, or rather the folders.
I sometimes have my documents on quake (name of PC) but also my documents on quake/tilde/ then a number 1/2 sometimes I have had 5 copies of my documents on quake.

Hope that clarifies matters.
and my thanks to octal.

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