Is my flash memory card dead?

  edenworkshops 09 Jul 11


I had been having problems with my Kodak easy share camera and dock, I could not transfer pictures from the camera, I needed the pictures on the camera quite urgently, so I purchased a flash memory card reader.

I plugged it in this morning, and the drive showed up in My Computer, on accessing the drive it appeared to be empty.

I used the microsoft scanner and camera wizard to access the drive and the pictures showed up, but when I tried to copy them I was told the file could not be copied.

Is my flash memory card dead? It is 8 years old.

Thank you


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Jul 11

Try CampicRestor

When you have the files off the card then format the card in the camera

  edenworkshops 09 Jul 11

Thank you for your tip, unfortunately when I tried to access the drive just now it is not appearing in my computer?

I tried unplugging it and re-inserting it but no joy.


  edenworkshops 09 Jul 11

I have just plugged in my external hard drive into the same usb slot that I used for the flash card reader.

It does not show up in my computer.

I get a messaage saying:

"One of the USB devices attched to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognise it."

Eeek, whats happening?


  rdave13 09 Jul 11

Sometimes if you leave the external hdd connected (and powered) to the usb port and reboot it can recognise it again. Worth a try.

  edenworkshops 09 Jul 11

I just tried that and the flash memory card showed up and I was able to copy some of the pictures to my hard drive.

But when I tried to copy other pictures it said they could not be copied?


  rdave13 09 Jul 11

Try this, create a new folder on the desktop. Name it if you wish (not my pictures). Just drag some photos over to it and see if it works.

  rdave13 09 Jul 11

(not my pictures) should be (not "my pictures")

  edenworkshops 10 Jul 11

No it didn't work.

Right now sometimes the drive appears in my computer, sometimes not, when it does appear, sometimes it appears empty, sometimes the pictures show but cannot be copied or deleted.

Is my memory card dead do you think?


  lotvic 10 Jul 11

To check card: put memory card back in your camera and see if you can view the pictures on your camera. Are you being careful with the little switch on the card 'Lock/Unlock'? Make sure it is fully in the UNlock position.

  edenworkshops 10 Jul 11

Thank you for that, it seems to have cured the problem.

Very much appreciated thank you.




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