my first web site

  athenrye 16:44 05 Mar 04

hi this is my first go at a site any ideas would be appreciated
it is the only one of its kind on all of the web
hail hail
click here

  whatsupdoc 17:08 05 Mar 04

i know absolutely nothing about web design, but if i may offer an opinion i think it looks great.

others on here will give advice on font changes etc. but as a layman it looks a lot better than some professional pages and to me it does the job intended.
regards nick

  PurplePenny 17:52 05 Mar 04

There are quite a few spelling errors/typos (e.g."meat" for "meet")and upper-case letters where there shouldn't be (e.g. "Maintain" in mid-sentence). Get someone else to proof read the pages for you as poor spelling, punctuation and grammar really let a site down.

Other than that it looks fine (a bit overwhelmingly green but I suppose that it has to be really!)

  Forum Editor 00:25 06 Mar 04

It's clean, easy to navigate, and uncluttered. It also demonstrates the advantage of maintaining a uniform theme throughout.

As Penny has said, the text is littered with spelling and grammatical errors and it spoils the overall impression. Try to get someone to edit the pages for you - bad text is the one thing that marks a site out as 'amateur'. The Internet was made for sites that - like yours - cater for minority interestsm and I wish you every succes with it. I certainly found it interesting. For a first attempt it's good - apart from that text - and you are to be congratulated.

  Martinsonline 17:12 08 Mar 04

The only thing I would change is to make the 3D effect around the menus smaller.

Other than that well done!

  athenrye 17:25 08 Mar 04

thanks you have been a great help
ill change the bits and bobs that require doing

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