My Epsom SX200 will not print 190gsm

I am trying to print on matt 190gsm, some times I can get 1 to print but generally it - will not pull it through - pushes it straight through - pulls it partly through with comments like -- main error fault -- paper not loaded correctly atc. When I put 80gsm through No Problem. besides putting a hammer into it, whihch I feel like doing what can be done? I have cleaned the rollers.

  Jameslayer 20:15 08 Jan 12

It sounds like the printer cant handle the heavier/thicker paper have you checked your service manuel to see if what sort of paper it can use?

  Jameslayer 20:18 08 Jan 12

ok after looking at the manuel on here page 12 it looks like your printer is only designed to use paper 64/90gm

  Woolwell 20:28 08 Jan 12

It should handle up to 300 gm providing that it is Epsom's own brand paper. Are you using Epsom's own. They can be a fussy over generic.

Many thanks jameslayer for quick response although the 64-90gsm refers to the 80gsm when loading 12mm max cap, it does not refer to the other special papers. I will try Epsom own and see if it makes a differance, thanks Woolwell. This is the firstb time I have used this forum and I am most impresed. Thanks to both of you.

  Woolwell 22:25 08 Jan 12

BTW it was not a good idea to use your e-mail address as username. It could be harvested for spam.

  Jameslayer 23:40 08 Jan 12

teach me not to dl the manuel and read it all. :)

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