My email address seems to be hijacked!

  geek84 20:17 PM 08 May 11

Hi Folks

It seems as if my email address has been hijacked.

I have received a lot of spam emails and other strange emails i.e. not 'normal' emails. How can I rectify the problem? Would it be sufficient if I change my email address password?

Thanks in advance.

  spuds 22:03 PM 08 May 11

Does your ISP use or offer a spam filter?.

Does your email actually have your email details correct, or is it a variation?.

Have you signed up for something recently, that you should have perhaps unticked a box?.

  birdface 11:04 AM 09 May 11

Change your password would help.

  Proclaimer 11:28 AM 09 May 11

Changing your password will not stop spam...

  johndrew 11:51 AM 09 May 11

Who is your ISP?

Most of us get a fair amount of junk trying to sell all sorts of products and services, many not in good taste.

If your ISP offers a Junk Filter, it can be found by logging into your Webmail account - generally by going to the ISP's site and looking for the facility to check your mail - You will need your e-mail address and the password you use to get onto the internet to do this.

Once in you need to look for the filter facility - often a button/tick box beneath the folders showing in your account. Here you can enter key words or e-mail addresses that you want blocked. The filter will offer the facility for immediate deletion of moving to your on-site deleted folder for a given period before deleting completely.

  wee eddie 13:19 PM 09 May 11

e-mail Spam Filters. One problem they can have is:-

Sometimes Items that are not Spam get Flagged as such and Filtered, so you need to check the Filter Box fairly regularly.

This has happened to me a number of times, on one occasion I almost missed a very important e-mail, so now I check my Spam Filter every day before clearing it.


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