My DVD-RW will not read some CDs or DVDs

  arch2571 18:14 04 Apr 05

I have A Phillips PBDV16OP DVD-RW and when my son tries to play a game called evil genius which is a cd it says to put the disk in the drive it does the same on another game of his called Tribes 2 Vengence and handful of other application that to numerous to mention i would vey much appriciate any help in resolving this matter

  arch2571 18:24 04 Apr 05

it actually say unable to othenticate original disc in time limit i also am running windows XP SP1 just so you know

  Technotiger 18:28 04 Apr 05

Hi, it is completely normal for many games and some applications to need the cd in the drive when playing/using said items. It is not a fault.


  Indigo 1 18:28 04 Apr 05

If it is an old drive then it is probably time to buy a new one, this is typical of a drive that is wearing out.

They are getting cheaper all the time click here

  DieSse 18:36 04 Apr 05

A DVD-RW drive should not be wearing out yet - it can't be that old.

Perhaps some of the CDs are getting a bit dirty or scrached. You can wipe them clean , but wipe across the disc, not round and round - with a very soft tissue or cloth, and maybe some cleaning alcohol, or a tad of water. Don't rub them hard.

  JonnyTub 19:11 04 Apr 05

Possibly dirty optics/specs of dust or alike. Use a cd cleaner (the ones with the little brush on that look like eyelashes) there only a couple of quid and if it doesn't work your not that much out of pocket.

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