My Display Suddenly Became Wider???

  IanS1 21:05 19 Aug 08

Help!!!! I have produced a rather strange problem on my Toshiba Laptop (Satellite A100), and hope someone here can help me?

Somehow I have changed the display width. Ie, so that the screen now shows everything a bit larger and stretched slightly from left to right.

Eg - All the icons & everything on the desktop is stretched. Everything on the internet screens is stretched, eg email, all the text on the taskbar, the back-arrow etc....everything! Same if I use a program like MS Word, ie the screen display is stretched width-wise.

Everything is now slightly blurred too, so the width-wise stretch has made images larger (by say 25%) but the resolution is lower and all images have a slightly soft fuzzy look (eg all the desktop icons, all text, everything!).

I have no idea how I did this because I was not fiddling around with any complex or unusual settings, so I must have done it with one simple unintentional click somewhere??

I tried the Windows Help stuff, and tried looking at "Display Settings" and "Resolution", but it seems like you cannot change much there & I can't seem to make any difference with those things.

What have I done?!?

I hate it the way it is now!

I am using Vista Home Premium by the way.

Any and all help or ideas greatly appreciated!

Cheers guys.

  MAT ALAN 21:08 19 Aug 08

System restore or update VGA card drivers...

  Eric10 21:20 19 Aug 08

Check the screen resolution. I believe the standard resolution for this laptop should be 1280x800. If you have it set to a squarer resolution such as 1024x768 or 1280x1024 then it will be stretched to fit the screen.

  Eric10 21:23 19 Aug 08

Sorry. I missed the bit where you said you had checked the resolution but if it isn't 1280x800 then that's why it appears stretched.

  IanS1 22:40 19 Aug 08

Eric10 ... many thanks, that worked perfectly (ie changing the resolution to 1280x800).

The reason I hadn't done that before is that at first I found I could not change the resolution by dragging the scale marker ... but after your suggestion I tried it again ... it does work but there's a long delay of about 5 seconds before it responds to the dragging (very odd!?).

Anyway point is - Thanks, that worked perfectly!

Thanks also to Matt for his suggestion re. the VGA drivers (fortunately I didn't need to try that).

All the best, Ian.

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