my custom pc please help

  wcb1982 03:52 28 Mar 15

my gaming pc with 32in TV... Specs I5 3.33ghz 2tb hard drive Plait gtx 560 ti graphics hdmi 8gig ram Bluetooth LG blue ray burner Wireless network card Gaming keyboard and mouse/mouse mat Windows 8 64 bit I don't no if it's best to sell it as a whole or in bit's can someone help me out please... thanks

  lotvic 13:33 28 Mar 15

Have a look on Ebay and see what similar rigs are selling for. Then look at the components and see what price they fetch. Only you can decide. Also take into consideration post/packing costs or if it will be 'collect only'.

Second-hand goods with no guarantee do not fetch anywhere near their original purchase price.

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