My computer turns itself off and on

  Computeruser101 23 Jun 13

My computer has been turning itself off and on again for a while now ever since i had two power trips next to each other i think a component is fried but is still managing to run or something along those lines. It runs fine usually but every so often it will turn off with no warning and then a few seconds later turn itself back on again. Any help would be appreciated.

  Nontek 23 Jun 13

Sounds like an overheating problem, turning itself off and then when cooled down a bit re-starting. When was it last cleaned out, to get rid of any dust and accumulated fluff etc?

  Computeruser101 23 Jun 13

I don't really clean it never had the thought to

  Computeruser101 23 Jun 13

Edit: it was kind of cleaned at christmas when i updated some of the parts

  Computeruser101 23 Jun 13

It has had a good clean out now. I will update this should I encounter the same problem.

  finerty 23 Jun 13

well u better go onto you tube and look at cleaning the insd#ide of your compurer for dust etc or you may end up buying a new computer.


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