My Computer struggles to find drives

  noiro 03:50 03 Feb 05

I have a problem that just started this evening. I have added no new hardware or software. I ran my virus protector, adaware and the microsoft Antispy and they all came up empty. Okay that is the background, now the problem. When I click on "My Computer" it takes 2 or 3 minutes of the flashlight looking to find any of my drives or folders. Since I have done nothing new, I am wondering what might cause this issue. I have rebooted a couple times and it still does the same thing. It will eventually find them but it is a long process. I am using a 2.6 ghz Pent 4 on a Gigabyte 8IE800 MB with 1.5 gig of ram and a Geforce 5700 Ultra video card. If anyone can help I would appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I am lost. Thanks

  zzzpauli 17:03 28 Jun 05

I have the same problem as you. It started recently and I am tired of waiting for the flashlight to find the contents of say the F drive. Evenually it appears but the waiting is tedious. I tried a restore but this had no effect, I have also cleared my 80Gb drive of old files and have about 50GB free, defragging also made no difference. I am using Windows Home XP. Did you solve the problem and if so how?

  woodchip 17:31 28 Jun 05

First things first. Double click My Computer, "Right Click drive C:\ click properties" tools click check drive it will need to be rebooted to do this.

Then if that does not solve it,You need a full XP disc or Win98 deppending on your operating system. put the disc in drive stop auto start window switch it off at the top right, now for a XP computer, go to Start\Run type SFC /SCANNOW press Enter

For Win98 it is just SFC then press enter

  zzzpauli 19:20 30 Jun 05

Thanks Woodchip- your first suggestion made no change but second one has made some improvement. When I first click on My Computer and try to open F drive (Windows XP lives there) it still takes 15 secs of the searching lamp icon to find the files. Thereafter if I wish to make a fresh look at F, then there is no flashing lamp and it takes only 5 secsonds to find the files.

Whilst this is an improvement, it is still tedious-Any other ideas?

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