My Computer shows "0 Objects" and is slow to open

  phoenix198 14:54 28 Jun 03

Using Windows 2000 SP-3. Whenever i try to access "my computer" it always comes up as "0 objects" until about two minutes later when everything comes up.

PC is an Athlon XP2400 with Asus A7N8X mbo, 512MB RAM, ATi Radeon 9000 Pro, 40GB hard drive, DVD and CD-RW. It also used to be connected to a LAN, with shared access to folders on another computer but isn't now. OS is fully patched up to 15 Jun.

Anybody have any ideas why there would be this delay as I`ve never experienced it on any other machine.

  phoenix198 11:54 02 Jul 03


  Tog 12:24 02 Jul 03

Have you removed all the network components?

  phoenix198 12:34 02 Jul 03

Hardware components; no, its an onboard LAN controller. But it is no longer connected to the LAN.

Software: deleted links to 'remote' shared folders in Network Neighbourhood, and I hadn't mapped the folders to drive letters in Explorer - or at least, I thought I hadn't!

  MichelleC 12:43 02 Jul 03

1 of my w2k pc's was a bit slow on my computers. Did a sp4 install and maintanance which helped.

  Tog 13:14 02 Jul 03

I've never used 2000 so if I'm wide of the mark I'm sorry.

It sounds like it is still trying to find the network so how about:-

Try using the MS Family logon instead of the MS Networks one.

In Control Panel>Network try removing the services.

In System Properties, try disabling the hardware in your current profile.

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