My computer now thinks it only has a 30GB HDD !

  bigdavey 16:58 11 Mar 08

I recently had a bad system crash and had to boot the system with my windows XP Recovery Disk (the one I made when the PC was brand new.

I was a bit gutted the recovery program wiped my HDD and re-formatted it and then re-installed windows XP, but at least I had a working PC again.

Now i notice that it thinks the HDD is almost full and it keeps moaning at me about this, and if i look at "my computer", "HDD(C:)", right click and choose "properties", it shows a 31.5GB HDD, and the file system NTFS, and the HDD is almost full.

I know the HDD is in fact 250GB, so, I seem to have a big problem!

I am unable to even install Microsoft office and I think this problem is slowing down my system as well. (It does seem to "huff and puff" a lot!)

I would be very grateful for any advice from you good people there please.......

thanks for reading.


  rossgolf 17:06 11 Mar 08

have you done anything physical to the hdd?

  bigdavey 17:44 11 Mar 08

no i haven't opened up the case at all.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:03 11 Mar 08

My computer - right click select Manage - storage - disk management.

What is showing about your drives in there?

  bigdavey 18:28 11 Mar 08

HDD (c:) 29.30GB NTFS (healthy System)

157.o1GB Unallocated

you seem to be on to something here!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:36 11 Mar 08

Right click and select format

That will give you the space back.

Whean loading program don't select the defaut option of installing to C:\program files\your program, instead select the larger part of the drive, whatever driveletter that is.

You can also move the Page file to the larger part of the drive set it to twice the amonut of ram yu have install. i.e. 1 G ram 2g page file.
click here
That should speed it up.

Also move my documents to the large part of the drive click here

  bigdavey 18:48 11 Mar 08

if i right click i get an option "new partition", but there isn't one to "format"

should i click on "new partition"?
or am i clicking in the wrong place?

btw, this is great thanks very much!!

got to be away from the pc now for a bit, this is so helpful thanks.

see you later!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 11 Mar 08

Yes new partition in the unallocated space then format it to make it useable.

  bigdavey 06:51 12 Mar 08

Brilliant, Thanks!!

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