My computer Is losing Its memory.

  richie1913 17:17 24 May 09

Hi,I have 2 gigs of memory Installed on my computer and up untill last week everything was fine,I cant remember doing anything that would cause this so maybe someone out there will know.My computer now reports that I have 1.75gb of ram Installed,Task manager reports that I have 1833328kb and If I run one of them programs like fresh diagnose or cpuz they tell me I have 2048mb or 2 gigs Installed,so can anyone shed any light on these events.Thanks Richard.

  brundle 17:21 24 May 09

Depending on the computer (rather hard to tell without any information) your graphics hardware may be sharing some of your system memory. More common on laptops, but also occurs on other systems with onboard graphics.

  richie1913 17:43 24 May 09

Amazing,thanks very much It must be me thats losing my memory when you said that I remembered changing the amount of memory allocated to the graphics card in the bios,just changed it back to normal and hey presto memory back,one more question may sound a bit daft,the graphics card originally has 256mb memory when i changed the settings in the bios it took it to 512mb,its now back to 256mb,does that mean if i had a game that needed a 512mb graphics card that now it wouldnt load or am i on the wrong track.Thanks and by the way thats the fastest response i have ever had on any forum.

  PO79 18:00 24 May 09

The game will in all probabilty load, but will not run on anything but the most basic settings.

  richie1913 18:24 24 May 09

So If I change the settings back and give the graphics card 512mb again will that mean that the game will run better.

  brundle 18:48 24 May 09

It might. Onboard graphics are generally not all that great for gaming, as PO79 suggested.

  richie1913 21:24 24 May 09

Thanks very much people.

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