my computer freezes when yje following appl starts

  johnnyrocker 08:16 03 May 04


anyone help please.


  Gongoozler 08:28 03 May 04

Unless you really want Windows Media Player to support the SDMI protocol, disable it. Look here under MsPMSPSv.exe. click here.

  johnnyrocker 08:39 03 May 04

could you expand a little further please as this has only recently started happening but seems to be getting worse?


  Gongoozler 08:51 03 May 04

Hi johnnyrocker. The article I linked to is discussing security vulnerabilities. It says that WMDM PMSP Service is part of MsPMSPSv.exe, Windows Media Device Manager Pre-Message Security Protocol Service, and most users do not use any of the SDMI features of Windows Media Player. Therefore if it is giving you problems, I think the best thing is to turn it off. That is the limit of my knowledge of the subject.

  johnnyrocker 14:09 03 May 04

my thanks for that i went through add remove progs and there was some sort of vis player symbol which was not media player and since uninstalling it everything seems ok,
one funny thing though after my messing about i received a security update from microsoft and since thenit has seemed to run ok will advise any updates but tick for now.


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