Is my computer dead!!!!!!

  Bagpipes 22:50 15 Jan 04

My athlon 1.2 socket A booted fine this morning but not this afternoon. There is power going thru it and even using a boot rescue disk does not boot it up. Dead!!

Is it the CPU or perhaps the motherboard? Or does some one have any other ideas?

It is three years old and has 1024 memory, scanner, printer, webcam, modem, lan card, usb2, extemtion, graphic card, and runs very hot in the summer.

Any comments welcome, thanks

  Kitz E Kat 23:01 15 Jan 04

You get any "beeps" at boot up?

Is the HD light active?

Just a start!!!!

  DieSse 23:04 15 Jan 04

I'm presuming here that you get no POST beep, and nothing appears on the screen - but the fans run, from your description of "power going through it"

There are many things it could be - I suugest you try in the following order, roughly

take off and refit the plug from the PSU to the motherboard.

take out and refit the RAM modules

take out and refit the processor

unplug all the drives and cards except the graphics card

change the RAM (if you have two . then take out firts one, then the other, in turn)

change the processor

change the motherboard.

  woodchip 23:15 15 Jan 04

Probably CPU died, or PSU but I would think CPU

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