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  Huddle 16:29 25 May 08

Running Windows XP Pro When clicking on start Menu usually up comes various options like my Docu,ments etc etc i used to have the option of going to my computer but this does not happen. But in the opening sequence when starting up my computer comes up in middle of screen then disappears.
how can I get it back into start menu ?

Thank you


  Daveboy 16:50 25 May 08

right click the taskbar-properties-start menu-customise-advanced-scroll to my computer and tick relevant button-ok-apply.

  ol blueeyes 17:02 25 May 08

Thank you Dave Boy all is OK now I should have known


  Sea Urchin 17:09 25 May 08

Strange how Huddle not only managed to sort My Computer but also changed username to ol blueeyes :@)

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