My Computer

  Birder 1 15:13 10 Feb 05

each time i enter the my computer window i se a torch and nothing else what do i need to do get it back to normal

  JonnyTub 15:16 10 Feb 05

The torch is usually an indication that the pc is busy, does the contents of my computer come up after a while if left?

  Stuartli 15:20 10 Feb 05

Or an hour glass alonside the cursor?

If you have XP, hit Control+Alt+Delete - you will get a panel display indicating the running proccesses. This will reveal what is actually running at the moment.

You can either highlight a process and then End Task or right click on the green icon in the Notification bar and select Close to shut down the panel.

  Birder 1 15:31 10 Feb 05

no it doesnt jonny tub

  groundhog 15:57 10 Feb 05

What windows are you running

When you say enter the "my computer" do you mean from the desktop or from the start menu

The torch means that the computer can not find what its was looking for and is now searching all your folders and files for the nearest match

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