My "click here" window opens small?

  pj123 12:55 17 Aug 08

When I click on a "click here" in the Forum it used to open another Full Screen size window.

Now all of a sudden it opens at less than half the full screen. I have to maximise it to be able to read it without scrolling left/right and up/down.

I tried resizing using the bottom right hand doubleheaded arrow but that made no difference.

Any ideas please?

  MAT ALAN 13:03 17 Aug 08

when it is open to full size go to "file then exit"
the next time you open the window it should be full size..

right click browser icon on desktop, Select Properties / Shortcut / Run / change Normal Window to Maximised.

  pj123 14:14 17 Aug 08


Thanks, none of those worked.

When it is maximised and I go to File I don't have Exit, only Close.

That didn't work.

  MAT ALAN 14:29 17 Aug 08

try a System restore...

  Sea Urchin 16:36 17 Aug 08

Exit is at the bottom of the File menu

  birdface 17:03 17 Aug 08

Or maximize and press the red X .

  mfletch 17:09 17 Aug 08

Hope this makes sense

Click on a click here link then maximize the window then open another link from that window and maximize that then close the first two windows then hold down Ctrl and close the last window

  pj123 18:04 17 Aug 08

Sea Urchin, sorry but no it isn't.

MAT ALAN. I think I have already posted a problem with System Restore. I have never been able to to a System Restore. It just doesn't work.

  VoG II 18:07 17 Aug 08
  pj123 18:55 17 Aug 08

Sorry VoG™ I already tried that as posted in my original thread.

  Simsy 20:56 17 Aug 08

the window that contains the "click here", click on the icon next to the "X" in the top right...

This should "normalise" that window, from it's maximised state. It will probably shrink to the size you are experiencing...

Drag this window to the size you want, (NOTE not clicking the maximise button; you must drag it!)...

The, if you wish, you can maximise this window.

Links that you click on in this window should now open to the size you had dragged the "normalised" window to.

Hope this helps.



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