My card reader no longer opens properly

  as400man 18:49 13 Feb 04

When I insert my card reader into the USB it should open with the default XP image transfer software. Now it opens as an Explorer folder and I cannot start any application to download the pictures.
I have checked the 'Open with' option for pictures but it just opens as a drive folder.
Any ideas?

Thanks and regards

  styven 19:17 13 Feb 04

If yours is anything like mine then you can view them in windows explorer as i assume you are doing. Al i do is highlight the ones i want or select all, right click, send to, and send them to where you want them to go.
As i understand it you are not downloading as such as they are already there.

  as400man 19:49 13 Feb 04

No styven I cannot download the images - instead of starting the XP picture download program I just get a folder view of he drive - no images.

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