My be early, but?

  User-361D919A-9369-49DD-BB21C57F113ABA43 15:16 PM 29 Apr 11

Hi, all, I know i may be a bit early to start talking about christmas, but I like having everything done. Some of you may remember my post from last year. I am here asking for advice and suggestions on my 2 websites and 1 blog. These are sites that countdown to Chistmas. My children and freiends use it, along with people from Finland, Amercia, France nad Germany. I would like yous to review the sites and offer suggestions.

Site One: Site Two: Blog:

Thanks for any advice

Previous Thread from last year:

  birdface 15:25 PM 29 Apr 11

Afraid it may be removed Fe does not usually let you bring up the subject before December.

  birdface 15:31 PM 29 Apr 11

VAIO-100 to show web addresses just click on to the Hyperlink remove the http that is already on it and paste your web address into the box and press ok. it then shows as a link.

  lotvic 15:35 PM 29 Apr 11

I sense trouble brewing, you have used the 'C' word before end of November.... Ouch

thanks buteman. have you got any tips.

Has anyone got and advice on this festive site. lol

  birdface 16:09 PM 29 Apr 11

VAIO-100 Not really got a clue but WOT gives your first 2 as a yellow warning which in itself may be harmless but if I was downloading anything from them I would want to check it out with my security programs.

buteman what do you mean. Could you please expand.

  birdface 17:21 PM 29 Apr 11

link textWOT gives you security warnings before and after opening web sites. Yellow being the mildest going up to red which is the worst. This is the type of warning it gives.

buteman, I don't kow why WOT give my site/s this rating. has anyone checker out my Blog

  Forum Editor 17:53 PM 29 Apr 11

It's far too early for talk of Christmas

and in any case, this should have been posted in Webdesign. I'll move it there now, but I would really prefer it to be discussed nearer the time.


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