My AVG shows Warning message.

  peter99co 02 Feb 12

My AVG free has suggested that a file in my system,

C:\progam files (x86\Magix\Audio Cleaning Lab\DVDAudio.dll...

is A Corrupted executable File and is Potentially Dangerous.

This is a scan taken after installing Version 18 of the current Magix Audio Cleaning Sofware.

Is it a False Positive?

It suggests Remove or Remove unhealed. Which is correct option please?

  buteman 02 Feb 12

Does it not give you the option of Quarantining it.

  buteman 02 Feb 12

Maybe give Malwarebytes a run to see if it can find any problems.

Or maybe try the free Eset scan.

  peter99co 02 Feb 12

No other options.

Just remove or remove unhealed. (I assume that unhealed leaves the Magix software untouched?)

  peter99co 02 Feb 12

I will check with Malwarebytes.

  Secret-Squirrel 02 Feb 12

When you've got one suspicious file and you know its location then you can upload it to one of these malware scanners:



Both sites use multiple anti-virus engines from reputable companies and display the results from each on a single page. It's a great way to tell if it's a false positive or not.

Because they're so useful, both sites can get very busy so there may be a long wait to get your results.

  peter99co 02 Feb 12

A full scan by Malwarebytes show no errors at all.

  peter99co 02 Feb 12

Next check with Virus total.

May have to wait till later for result.

The Magix software is genuine from a supplier and installed from a genuine disc. Seem a little odd to get an warning error in this way.

  peter99co 02 Feb 12

Virus Total was thumbs up 0 and thumbs down.0

It had been seen before but gave no help

  Secret-Squirrel 02 Feb 12

"Virus Total was thumbs up 0 and thumbs down.0"

You're looking in the wrong section as that's where users vote if they think the file's suspicious or not. No one's voted, hence the zeros.

You need to look at what it says next to "Detection ratio". If it says 0/43 then that means that all the 43 scanners found no infection in the file. If threats were found then they'll be listed in the "Result" column next to the vendor's name.

  peter99co 02 Feb 12


Suspicion: unknown virus


File name:


Detection ratio:

1 / 43

Analysis date:

2011-12-01 05:04:58 UTC ( 2 months ago )


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