My AMD Athlon 3200+ CPU has died

  1jimbo 20:41 10 Oct 09

Please could you guys help. I have overheated my AMD Athlon 3200+ 400/333 CPU. It is on an Asus A7N8X motherboard and I can't get another CPU, even on e-bay. Can I fit a different one or do I have to change the motherboard and if so will I then need to change the memory (184 pin DDR DIMM), graphics card and etc. or can I find something that will fit?

  jimv7 20:47 10 Oct 09

According to click here the board only supports up to the 3200 cpu

  baldydave 20:57 10 Oct 09

let the chip cool then retry as they have a built in thermal shutdown.
if no joy look here
click here
note the newer chips many need a bios update to your board

  Zaggerman 20:57 10 Oct 09

The XP3200 was the fastest CPU of that type produced so if any others are around they will be slower.

Just did a quick search on Ebay for Athlon XP 3200 and there are some available.

Link: click here

  1jimbo 21:00 10 Oct 09

Thanks jimv7, it looks like a new mb then.

  1jimbo 21:15 10 Oct 09

Sorry, baldydave and Zaggerman your responses came in while I was replying to jimv7. I have taken the fan off and there was loads of fluff in the cpu heatsink. After cleaning it and the fan I tried again but no joy. I may try one of the cpu's in Zaggerman's link, but at £60 incl p&p it's a bit risky.

  GaT7 21:20 10 Oct 09

Remember you don't have to get a 3200 CPU. You'll get by quite easily with a cheaper 3000/2800 too - a related eBay search click here. G

  GaT7 21:22 10 Oct 09

Entire list of compatible CPUs under the CPU Support List tab in this link click here. G

  1jimbo 21:27 10 Oct 09

Yeh, I was wondering if I used a 3000/2800 would the 400 bus memory still work and would I have to change the bios or anything else?

  GaT7 21:35 10 Oct 09

Don't worry about it - the difference will be negligible.

No, I don't think you'll need to change anything in the BIOS. A CMOS reset may be the most you may have to do.

When you say you overheated your CPU, how do you know it was the only component that got damaged? If the motherboard was damaged as well, the replacement chip will not work either. G

  1jimbo 21:44 10 Oct 09

I foolishly ignored several "freezes" and restarted the pc, not realising that the cpu has an inbuilt protection that shuts it down, presumably by freezing the screen. I'm hoping that nothing else was damaged. I always kept the rest of the pc dut free, not thinking to remove the cpu fan and heat sink and clearing them out too. When the pc froze there were no error codes or any other indication of what was up, so now I know.

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