rotormota 22:54 05 Oct 04

Get expensive pc surround sound system seems to be acting like a tin pot short wave wireless antenna & it's picking up some middle eastern radio station.

Is this odd or wot?

Do they have a version of Terry Wogan?

Will they play any Abba?

What on earth is going on!

  Mikè 22:59 05 Oct 04

You need ferrite filters or rings for the various wires click here

  rotormota 22:59 05 Oct 04

I am now picking up an English station from one of the satellite speakers whilst the middle eastern braodcast continues from one of the others.

I think I'm hearing a bit of French breaking through now. HHHEELLPP!

Someone explain?

X files?

  rotormota 23:06 05 Oct 04

Cheers Mike but aren't my surge protecter plugs suppose to prevent all this type of thing?

  johnnyrocker 00:32 06 Oct 04

not in this lifetime mate.


  pubsinger 00:54 06 Oct 04

Does this get worse after sundown? If so, you`re picking up Medium Wave transmissions. They bounce around the globe under certain conditions. Or it could be that there is a radio transmitting mast near to you and its close proximity means you`re in the "fallout" area where the signal is overpowering. Buy some ferrite rings and try them on in turn your mains, signal and speaker cables. Find by elimination which cables are acting like antennas. Are you using a set of el-cheapo PC speakers?? the screening on this is worse than abysmal.
Hope this helps.

  g0slp 05:59 06 Oct 04

That's good advice regarding ferrite rings on leads. One point - place them as close to the PC as possible.

Surge protectors are there to protect against voltage fluctuations on the mains such as those induced by lightning strikes on power lines etc..

Let us know how you get on.

  johnnyrocker 08:37 06 Oct 04

you could check routing/grouping of cables etc and try moving them about to see if there is any variation in the situation.


  Noelg23 08:51 06 Oct 04

I had this problem a couple of years ago with a PC I only ever happened late at night at around 2-3am...I would hear a ruffle then when I turn up the volume fully I can hear a radio station...I thought it was really funny cos that had never happened before. so I wouldnt really worry about it unless its really loud and doing your head in!

  Sethhaniel 09:03 06 Oct 04

Had a second hand copmputer for a year and finally passed it on to another needy person - who now listens to all sorts of Radio from a built in radio card - which I never even knew was in there ;)

  VCR97 20:00 07 Oct 04

There was a post by dcdc on 16-05-2004 entitled "Speakers receiving broadcasts". You might find some useful info there.

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