Muting Downloaded Youtube Vids

  bilbo10 18:14 13 Apr 11

Is there a method of muting downloaded Youtube Vids? ie just the film - not the sound


  eedcam 18:29 13 Apr 11

Do you mean extract the audio from the video?

  bilbo10 20:53 14 Apr 11

No I mean MUTE the audio - ie no sound - just the film

  eedcam 22:02 14 Apr 11

Not sure what you are after can you enlighten ie are you trying to do something with the video and you want to remove the sound track and perhaps replace with something else . If so just convert to avi or wmv and then use wmm to do both

  wolfie3000 09:02 15 Apr 11

Try Oxelon, iv used it in the past for such jobs, works great on the gaming videos iv made as no one wants to hear me swearing on vent lol.

link text

  bilbo10 12:29 03 May 11

I want to remove the soundtrack from a downloaded video and replace with my own sound track. How do I do this in WMM? I've imported the video file - how do I mute /replace the soundtrack?


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