Music on a website

  HighTower 12:26 09 Jan 08

Personally not my thing, but a customer wants it so fair enough. Anyone recommend a music library that they have used? I'm quite happy to pay for a piece as all the free stuff I've found tends to be rubbish!


  mco 13:18 09 Jan 08

copyright issues surely? Or are you going to cover that? What sort of music? There's a lot out there!

  HighTower 13:28 09 Jan 08

I'm just after some royalty free pieces where after the initial licence fee is paid the piece can legally be used on a website. Probably more classical than contemporary in style.

Same sort of thing as an image bank like Getty or iStock I suppose, but for music instead.

You're right, there is a lot out there, and a lot of it isn't that good. Just thought that perhaps someone had a site they could recommend before I go through all the Google results.

  mco 16:13 09 Jan 08

The music section- creative commons-any good?
click here

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