music videos ... combine to one dvd?

  theDarkness 23:30 26 Aug 06

the problem is, the videos are very small dvd video images already!they are all from modern music singles, so most are proper 'video_ts' dvd image files with around 3 songs and one music video on each disc, a couple hundred megabytes.

I was wondering if it is was possible to combine these video_ts 'vts' files into one large 4.5g image, having a menu to select between each video for a regular dvd player to play, or is that impossible? would I still have to extract each video from each music disc individually and then all back again to form a dvd image? whats the best way to do it- hopefully avoiding any video format conversion which may take a long time?

thanks if anyone knows

  greenlamp 23:35 26 Aug 06

Nerovision Express should do the job.[you can even use it to set up a menu system to the individual music dvd's].

  EFC1878 23:58 26 Aug 06

I use pinnacle to merge my own photos albums and/or videos into a single dvd with menus

  theDarkness 00:03 27 Aug 06

does that combines isos for eg, or does it have to extract any particular vts file contents before combining?

otherwise, if I added a custom main menu which listed all the original singles, the music menus from each disc would still appear as they did on the originals to select a music video?

sounds good if so, have to check it out- thanks :)

  theDarkness 00:06 27 Aug 06

merging photos and avis/mpeg video files etc into one disc is good, I just wasnt sure if it was possible to do with already made very small dvd video images into one large one, or if I would have to extract and/or convert any contents from the small images- thanks anyway though

  De Marcus™ 00:15 27 Aug 06

No need to convert, but you will have to extract the video.

  theDarkness 00:25 27 Aug 06

do you know what format most programs extract video from dvd images to, so I can combine multiple files of the same sort as one dvd image?

  De Marcus™ 00:28 27 Aug 06

If these images are iso's, you can use winrar (or similar zip program) to extract the video, you'll then know for certain what the file type is, the extraction process doesn't change the file type.

  theDarkness 00:39 27 Aug 06

sorry I mean they arent isos, the music videos are on proper bought dvds (although music singles, so the dvds are small in size, not many mb, so I thought I could collect the contents together from more than one). looking into the dvd drive when the discs are inserted, all I will see are normal dvd files just like a normal movie, eg a 'video_ts' folder with videots_01, videots_02 files etc, so I wanted to know how best to combine the contents of each small dvd into one big dvd.

  De Marcus™ 00:41 27 Aug 06

Copy the video files you want to a folder on your desktop, use nero vision to make your dvd, you can setup nero to have menus and sub menus.

  De Marcus™ 00:44 27 Aug 06

i.e. each menu represents an artist and each sub menu their songs.

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