music transfer program ipod to itunes

  temps34 03 Jan 13

I've got 60gb of music on ipod classic,my laptop crashed got new laptop w8,need to transfer to iTunes but got a problem my laptop does'nt recognise my ipod I forgot my password/username and it all went wrong so which is the best program free/pay ? looked at sharepod and others but all the reviews are quite old and none of them get good reviews , help please I need to make a mix tape !!

  RalphAnderson 04 Jan 13

Usually you can back up music from iPod to a new computer/iTunes with "Transfer purchases". That requires your apple id.

In your situation, you can try some third party tools for music transference. I recommend iTransfer. It's a Windows based tool for file transference, a tool that helps you transfer music files from iPad to computer hard disk or iTunes without logging in (need assistance from iTunes).

The iTransfer tool is not free but you can get its free trial version.

  temps34 04 Jan 13

thx,but 99% of my music is not purchased through itunes

I've had success with a program called CopyTransManager - it does what iTunes does, but without all the Apple bloat.

  Chronos the 2nd 04 Jan 13

I am with Ian in Northampton I like you have very little music on my ipod/Iphone purchased from Itunes,when I say little I mean none. I used to use this But nowadays as I have so much music and if I need to reinstall itunes which will in effect wipe the music from Ipod/Iphone I just fill them again with a fresh selection of tunes.

  RalphAnderson 05 Jan 13

So...have you solved the problem? I think you can also post a thread and ask on apple support communities.


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