Music sounds 'Tinny'

  thospot 19:44 27 Jan 07

The sound on my Medion computer has gone very 'tinny' with an echo...

It was ok before I connected my old computer to it with a crossover cable.

With the same piece of music playing on both computers if I switch from the Medion to the old comp there is a big difference..

The jack on the speakers cable will only go into 3 connections on the back of the Medion but it makes no difference which one I use..

Much obliged for any advice you can give me.. Thank you..

  IClaudio 20:05 27 Jan 07

Sounds like a loose connection...

  Kryten 20:24 27 Jan 07

I have a Medion PC with a msi motherboard, by default there is an ICON (if yours is a similar set up to mine) in the bottom right that looks like a blue square with circles which managers the sound settings. if you have this right click it and check that nobody has changed any of the setting by accident. I do not now the exact procedure for this as I have disabled all unwanted programs from starting at boot up to save memory.

If not there try Control Panel, Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices, Sound Effects Manager, and check the setting there.

  thospot 11:27 28 Jan 07

Thanks for your replies IClaudio and Kryten but soon after I posted this query BT took me off line and I have only just this minute got back on.. I haven't a clue what has happened... I appologise for the delay..

I have tried the connections several times but no joy..

I have no such ICON on my computer but will try the Control Panel route..

  thospot 11:46 28 Jan 07

My Control Panel says 'Sound, Video and game controllers' but can't find Sound Effects Manager..

  Stuartli 12:26 28 Jan 07

You should be checking in Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel, or alternatively as suggested by Kryten, the onboard sound/sound card's own audio control panel.

  Stuartli 12:28 28 Jan 07

Also see:

click here

  thospot 12:40 28 Jan 07

Thanks for the replies, much obliged...

Will try to assimilate all the linked thread you posted Stuartli but will take time... thanks again

  IClaudio 13:04 28 Jan 07

Try Control Panel/Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager, which is present on my Medion.

But in order to change an Effect, I assume it would be necessary to have done this manually - don't see how it could just happen after using a crossover cable. I find the Realtek drivers a bit flaky, though, so it's possible...

  IClaudio 13:06 28 Jan 07

And you might want to click here for the latest Realtek drivers.

  thospot 13:39 28 Jan 07

I have tinkered around in all the nooks and crannies in Control Panel and places but to no avail..

I will now try to install the latest drivers for Realtek and see what happens.

Thanks for your interest...

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