Oddjob1 16:14 25 Jul 03


Can anyone recommend some UK sites for downloading samples, loops and effects? Free sites and those where you have to pay.

Also any music-related websites, forums and discussion groups would be very welcome.


  Peverelli 18:50 25 Jul 03

Type in 'sample loops music' into Google and see what you get. Here's one such site click here

  Peverelli 12:25 26 Jul 03

"Thanks for the response.

Can you recommend any websites with articles or discussions about sampling, loops etc? This is all new to me, so it needs to be at a fairly basic level."

I've reprinted your email here because more people can see it and therefore more people can help you.

As I'm a songwriter and play my own instruments, I tend not to use samples and loops etc. so can not tell you whether any particular site is good or bad. Nevertheless, you could try these.

click here
(This forum seems to be dedicated to users of the FruityLoops program but you may learn something here)

click here
{This site looks like it has many links that will be of interest to you and it has tutorials)

click here (you may find some interesting downloads here)

But as I said earlier, you'll get many more results by using Google: click here and typing in something like "sample loops music", which is what I did to find the sites above.

Good luck.

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