music playing randomly :: is it virus?

  Tree3 11:36 24 Jun 04

this random music keeps playing from my speakers, a pioano notes and some times speaking. what is it?

  Tree3 11:48 24 Jun 04

i looked at msconfig to see if there was any strange programs loading up and there was something called W from "C:\W" i stopped it from loading up on boot seqence, but i dont know what it is and i cant find it anywhere.

  scooby43 13:31 24 Jun 04

are you online at the time it happens eg a website

  roy 13:53 24 Jun 04

I think that you are picking up some broadcasting, either radio or tv. Do you have a wireless network?

  david20 14:00 24 Jun 04

Your not alone Tree- I've been perplexed by what sounds like Indian radio for some time coming through my 5.1's, even when not online. I can recommend a Robert's instead.

  Tree3 18:39 24 Jun 04

not on wireless biut have tv tuner/fm card and on the network there is a wireless connection but not to my pc

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