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  birkdalite 18:51 27 Jun 03

The last time I made a list of my large sheet music collection it was done with an Atari, it was very simple, two fields only, Title & page number and with search facility.Due to my neglect it now needs updating/rewriting. can anyone suggest a SIMPLE modern alternative please? It's going to be a long slog so "easy" is the operative word please

  Belatucadrus 19:06 27 Jun 03

click here There is a bit of freeware on the Ultima Thule page entitled Music Database 2.5.2 about two thirds of the way down the page.

  birkdalite 08:52 28 Jun 03

Belatucadrus Thanks for that, looked it up, but far too complex for my needs thanks again.

  chrishillcoat 12:08 28 Jun 03

Do you have Excel or a spreadsheet program? If so you could just input the data manually into there.


  birkdalite 14:41 28 Jun 03

Hi Chris I'm ashamed to admit it but I get completely lost with Excel all I want is A4 in 3 columns, Item number ___ Title____ Book Number.With search facility & auto arrange alphabetically. It seems so simple to others but a nightmare to me ! Regards Roy

  powerless 14:46 28 Jun 03

Post a seperate question with regards to Excel and there is a forum member who knows well i'm sure everything about Excel and he should be able to advise you.

  VoG II 14:54 28 Jun 03

It should be pretty straightforward in Excel.

Item number in Column A

Title in Column B

Book number in Column C

Double click the divider on the column labels bar to autosize the columns to fit the text.

Use Edit/Find to Find things.

Select your list and Data/Sort to sort (by any of the three columns.

Simple guides to Excel click here click here

  powerless 14:55 28 Jun 03

You see ;-)

  birkdalite 15:39 28 Jun 03

Thanks gents I've just GOT to get it right now haven't I ??????

  VoG II 15:44 28 Jun 03

You know where to come if you need more help with it!

  birkdalite 10:43 29 Jun 03

VoG You are very kind, I hope you won't regret it! A coupl e of starters----- Despite ticking print grid lines in print set up, they don't.When setting Item/title/book no, they will only go in first line of grid, not in header also numbers do not print.??????Roy

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