Music CD download 468MB???!!

  hawthorn59 15:51 25 Feb 10

Hi folks!

I am downloading a music cd from tunetribe; actually its a compilation of 3 cds, but even so surely it shouldnt be 468MB in total? AND its in a zipped file; shouldnt that make it smaller? OK theres 60 tracks but there all standard length. I thought tracks were about 4-5mb?

Its taking nearly 90 mins!


  hawthorn59 15:55 25 Feb 10


Just as i finished writing the post, it said "download complete" and it was 80MB. So I reckoned that was the smaller zipped file.

But when i try ti "extract all" it says the zip folder is empty. Yet if I r click / properties, it says it's 80MB.

Any help?


  Jollyjohn 15:59 25 Feb 10

Think about it a blank cd is 700mb or 80 mins music so a compilation of 3 cd's could be up to 2.1gb or 4 hours music - so even zipped it will still be a big file.
Track size depends on quality and length of track.

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