Mr "B" 20:52 06 Feb 06

Is limewire a good site for music, will my pc suffer any side effects if i install it IE, like run slower? Any better suggestions for other free music sites are welcome, i used to use winmx but that ended.

  User-312386 20:59 06 Feb 06

Silly question really

You think??????

  mike1967 21:04 06 Feb 06

Limewire a gd program shouldnt cause any probs just make sure anti virus etc up to date

  Mr "B" 21:06 06 Feb 06

Spose it is really - ignore it!

  skidzy 21:09 06 Feb 06

Personally.........stay away from Limewire !!!!!!!!!....Especially as there is a big clampdown going on at the moment with file sharing !!!..Try this legal link,possibly the cheapest on the net and as far as im aware totally here

  Mr "B" 21:15 06 Feb 06

Cheers for that - i'll bear it all in mind.

  ade.h 22:19 06 Feb 06

Ahem. The .ru suffix should give a clue to anyone who is vaguely familiar with the varying copyright laws across continents. Russia does not impose the same controls as Britain and other countries, and thus that site's output is in fact illegal for UK downloading. It exploits a weakness in the system.

  raggy 2 22:26 06 Feb 06
  skidzy 22:30 06 Feb 06

Back to the reasoning that if we pay for the music,we assume its all legal.Is it how much we pay for the download that sets the criteria ? for different countries to make it legal....After all,a percentage of the fees is suppose to go to the copyright do we know if they get it ?

  ade.h 22:36 06 Feb 06

" do we know if they get it ?"

You don't. That is a serious issue, and one that affects many download sites that attempt to appear legitimate by charging a fee. Such suspect sites do not pass any of that to the copyright holders.

As we have discussed before in this forum, the site for which you provided a link is notoriously in breach of UK copyright laws. Laws to which all UK citizens are subject, regardless of the source. It is also strongly suspected of being guilty of the practice that I described above.

How much you pay does necessarily "set the criteria" per se; but in this instance, it should ring alarm bells.

  ade.h 22:37 06 Feb 06

Typo: the last line should read "How much you pay does NOT necessarily set the criteria..."

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