Multivision Laptop power failure

  consultik 15:49 01 Jun 07

Took my laptop to see someone on wednesday, thinking it was fully charged, but when I switched on it immediately started beeping at me that it had low battery. Plugged it back in when I got home to charge. Started it up this afternoon and the screen was flickereing so shut it down again (I tried checking the battery charge while it was flickering, but it reckoned the battery was fully discharged, but seemed to be having trouble recognising it). When I tried to start it up again it wouldn't even switch on (even the power / charging lights don't come on). I've tried with my spare adaptor but same result. I'm assuming its the internal power supply - any thoughts / recommendations?

  consultik 19:36 01 Jun 07


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 01 Jun 07

Try on mains with battery removed.

  consultik 22:56 01 Jun 07

I tried it without the battery and nothing happens (hence my thought that it must be the internal power supply)

  woodchip 23:29 01 Jun 07

There is no internal power supply, it's all in the Mains Adapter

  consultik 10:08 02 Jun 07

Tried again this morning both with battery and without battery. On the 3rd or 4th attempt without battery it fired up and seems to be working normally. Will try it again, both with and without as soon as I've got a complete back-up!

  woodchip 14:05 02 Jun 07

What you may have on the Laptop is a loose Socket that the main Adapter plugs into try the little pin in the middle of the socket with your finger to feel if it's loose. Do not use force, it may need dismantling and socket repairing with solder or a new one fitting to the motherboard. It is a weak spot in the power supply line

  consultik 23:30 20 Jun 07

Well I tried the socket, and couldn't detect any looseness, but have since been trying to dismantle laptop to check where socket attachs to motherboard. Took all the screws out of the underside, but couldn't prise the case appart, so undid the screen hinges which allowed me to take two more out of the upperside under the screen. This has improved the situation, but there still appears to be something in the middle of the laptop stopping separation. I can't see anything from the underside or under the keyboard so any suggestions (or should I just be brave and force it?)

  woodchip 14:41 21 Jun 07

If there is a strip under the screen and above the keyboard, look at the back for a pin hole paper clip releases the strip so it will slide to one side. then screws hold the keyboard. you may have to pry the Monitor Hing covers upward to get at the crews to remove it. Take extra care with the Ribbon attached to the keyboard, the white bit is a wedge that pulls out a bit but not too far or you will break it.

  consultik 15:39 21 Jun 07

Couldn't find the strip you mentioned, but another examination revealed a little sticker (with some warranty woffle) covering a screw head inside the battery compartment. I just have the two ribbon cables (keyboard and touchpad) to deal with now - which direction do I pull these or do I use a scredriver to lever the "white bit" upwards first?

  woodchip 23:02 21 Jun 07

Just use somthing with a point on it but take care, it only comes out a bit

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